ICMDA 2019 | Call for Paper (pdf.)

ICMDA 2019 offers a wide range of opportunities to address many research and development challenges in the area of materials design and applications. Multifunctional properties of these materials open the potential application in a wide range including agriculture, medicine, energy, engineering, telecommunications, disaster management, sensors, biomedicine and environmental conservation. The major focus of ICMDA 2019 is on development of emerging functional materials and their design as well as emerging applications. This conference will illustrate a novel pathway to achieve novel applications using functionally active materials.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Materials Properties, Measuring Methods and Applications

Crack Resistance



Fracture Mechanics

Mechanical Properties

Electrical Properties

Magnetic Properties



Wear Resistance

Non-Destructive Testing

Reliability Assessment


Working Properties of Materials and Products

Large Scale Applications

Electronics Applications.


Materials Science and Materials Processing Technology
Micro/Nano materials
Iron & Steel
Metal Alloy Material
Optical / Electrical / Magnetic Materials
Materials Physics and Chemistry
Building Materials
Energy Materials
Environmental-Friendly Materials
Biological Material
Chemical Materials
Thin Films
Seismic materials
Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
New Functional Materials
Surface Engineering / Coatings Technology
Process Modeling, Analysis and Simulation
Material Processing
Material Cutting
Welding and Mechanical Connections and Fracture
Computer Aided Design of Materials
Materials Testing and Evaluation
Microwave Processing of Materials

Materials Analyses and Modeling
Electron Microscopy
Image Analysis
X-ray Phase Analysis
Computational Material Science
Numerical Techniques
Materials Design
Materials and Engineering Databases
Expert Systems
Artificial Intelligence Methods
Non-Destructive Testing
Reliability Assessment


Other related fields