ICMDA 2018 | Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker I



Prof. Sudantha Liyanage
Department of Chemistry, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka


Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences

Prof. Sudantha obtained his B.Sc. Special degree in Chemistry at University of Sri Jayewardenepura and obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry, at University of Wales, Cardiff, UK. He was also a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Wales, Cardiff and University of Ibaraki, Japan. He was the Chairman of the Royal Society of Chemistry Sri Lanka Section during 2013- 2014. He told Japura Media that his ultimate goal is to make the Faculty as the best Faculty of Science in the Sri Lankan university system.


Keynote Speaker II



Prof. Xiaozhong Zhang

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, China


Prof. XiaozhongZhang, obtained his BSc in Physics from Fudan University (China) in 1982, MSc in Physics from Shanghai Jiaotong University (China) in 1984. He obtained his PhD. in Materials Science from Oxford University (UK) in 1989. He then worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at The Royal Institution of Great Britain for three years. During 1992-1999 he worked as a Faculty at Physics department, National University of Singapore. In 1999 he joined Tsinghua University as a professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He was the director of Electron Microscopy Laboratory of Tsinghua University during 1999-2006. He is now serving as deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials (Education Ministry), deputy chief of Chinese national nano-technology standardization committee and co-editor of IUCrJ. His research interests are spintronic materials and devices, carbon materials, nanomaterials and nanostructure, electron microscopy, and computational materials science. He has published more than 190 refereed papers and been awarded 23 patents. His silicon magnetoresistance work (Nature 2011) was selected in 2011 as “Top 10 scientific advances in China” and “Top 10 University level scientific and technological advances in China”.


Speech Title: Semiconductor Based Magnetoresistance and Magnetic Logic

Abstract- We developed a silicon based magnetoresistance (MR) device which combines the nonlinear property of diode and Hall Effect of semiconductor. The device can achieve a large MR at a few tens mT. We further developed a silicon based magnetic logic device which can do four Boolean logic functions of AND, OR, NAND and NOR. As all these pure silicon devices have a disadvantage that they cannot work at low magnetic field of ~mT, we propose an alternative route to improve MR performance by coupling nonlinear transport effect of semiconductor and anomalous Hall effect of magnetic material of CoFeB in one device. This device has MR of >20000 % with ~1 mT, the largest MR value at low magnetic field of mT.
We further proposed a magnetic logic-memory device by coupling anomalous Hall Effect in magnetic material and negative differential resistance phenomena in semiconductor. All four basic Boolean logic operations could be programmed by magnetic bit at room temperature with high output ratio (> 1000 %) and low magnetic field (~5 mT). This device demonstrated that non-volatile information reading, processing and writing could be realized in one step and one device. Hence, logic and non-volatile memory could be closely integrated in one chip. The time and energy used in the processes of information transformation and transfer could be saved. Moreover, this device was comparable with the function of neuron cell in brain that also combined memory and information process in one unit. A network with these highly parallel logic-memory devices could perform massively parallel non-volatile computing and might offer a possible route to approach brain-like artificial intelligence beyond traditional CMOS route.

Keynote Speaker III



Prof. Chintakindi Sanjay

GITAM university, India


CURRENT POSITION : Dean & Principal, GITAM School of Technology (2nd July, 2014-till date)
PREVIOUS POSITION: Founder Director Campus, GITAM University (5th June, 2009)


Prof. Ch. Sanjay had joined GITAM University, Hyderabad as a Founder Campus Director in June 2009. He is a certified Corporate Director of World Council for Corporate Governance, UK and visited most of the South Asian Countries for Research and presenting papers.He has more than 24 years of experience in Industry, Research & Teaching and had worked four years as a Associate Professor of Manufacturing Engineering and Management at Government Universities in Malaysia and Singapore. He was a key note speaker for more than 40 international conferences and a member of advisory and technical committee for 60 international conferences and organized 65 international conferences. He is member, Editorial Board and Reviewer for more than 20 international journals. He has to his credit 4 books published by reputed publishers and authored more than 60 research papers and published in peer reviewed and indexed journals and conference proceedings. He is recipient of many International and National awards such as Academic Excellence, Research Excellence,Best Engineer, Best Principal award, Best Academic Administrator, Education leadership and Engineers Educator award. His research interests are IT applications in Manufacturing Engineering, Machine Tools & Cutting Tools, Materials Engineering, Artificial Intelligent Systems, Smart Materials & Composites, Industrial Engineering & Management, Product Design & Development, CAD/CAM/CIM, Robotics & Automation, Non-conventional Energy.


Keynote Speaker IV



Prof. H H Sumathipala

Department of Physics, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka


Head of the Department of Physics


Research Interests
Solid Electrolytes
Compose Polymer Electrolytes
Physics Education